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Maintenance within one region

Feb 23 at 04:00am UTC  –  Feb 23 at 05:01am UTC
Affected services
Prediction serving

Feb 23 at 05:01am UTC

This maintenance has concluded.

At this time all of our accelerated content delivery has been restored to full working order. There may continue to be some minor slowness loading weights as the systems complete their operational warmup. We do not expect any significant issues.

Feb 23 at 04:38am UTC

The first phase of the maintenance has completed. As expected, we are seeing some fallback-to-origin requests when downloading via the accelerated content delivery.

These fallbacks are being served normally with a slight increased delay.

Feb 23 at 04:00am UTC

Scheduled Maintenance has begun.

Feb 23 at 04:00am UTC

We are working with one of our providers to implement mitigations based upon a series of recent outages. These mitigations will ensure that our accelerated data delivery and other associated services will be more resilient.

During this maintenance we expect some slower than normal model boot times impacting the following Hardware Types:


Additionally a subset of A100-40G hardware types will be affected.

The slower-than normal boot times should not be wide spread. We will be making adjustments to the internal Content Delivery Systems to ensure retries (via a fallback-to-origin mechanism) are served normally.

This maintenance notification will be updated if the scheduled time or other details change.